Facebook Ads Testing – ABO VS CBO

The recent iOS 14 updates proved to be really challenging for the Facebook ads that I am running.

Delays in Facebook ads reporting, along with how they report the conversions are 2 major factors that I am trying to tweak in my testing process.

Testing ABO VS CBO – CBO Wins!

Duration: 28th June 2021 to 4th July 2021
Location: Europe

Testing methodology – I have used both my best-performing interests in the CBO and the ABO campaign. The creatives used are the same too, which is the top 6 best-performing creatives that worked well in May 2021.

The results? CBO is the winner in terms of the cost per purchase.

Campaign Budget OptimizationAdset Budget Optimization
Duration7 Days (28th to 7th July 2021)7 Days (28th to 7th July 2021)
Outbound CTR0.98%0.73%
StatusWinner!Not doing so well…
ABO used to be working well for me, but doesn’t seem anymore.

I switched back to ABO around March 2021, as CBO seems to be not working well for me.

But it seems like the tables have turned (yet again). CBO seems to be performing better right now.

Action Plan

  • Launch more CBO campaigns
  • Launch more CBO Cost Cap campaigns