Email Marketing: Decoding The “How-To”s

Email marketing has always been the most challenging for me.

As a general benchmark, you should aim towards getting 30% of your store’s revenue from emails.

The question is…. How?

What type of emails will keep your customers engaged and interested in reading them?

And there’s 2 types of emails in general.

  • Flow related emails
  • Campaign driven emails

Our eCommerce Email Stats

% of Revenue
Welcome Flow15.0%
Cart Abandonment Flow1.6%
Browse Abandonment Flow0.0% (Didn’t setup)
Winback Flow0.0% (Didn’t setup)
Post Purchase Flow0.0% (Didn’t setup)

Currently we are at 16.6%, VS an industry benchmark of 30%.

Are we doing well? I am not sure.

Potential Improvements

I have some ideas on how we can improve the email stats of the eCommerce brand that I am working at.

  1. An awesome, kick-ass post purchase flow. Sent to 1st time customers that have made a purchase with us.

The only issue is that this business is extremely gifting related. So there’s no impetuses for repeat purchases (unlike a skincare or a supplement business). So how do I track the effectiveness of a great post purchase flow?

2. Weekly emails that are sent to promote the vision of the brand that are non-commercial in nature.

This is something that we can do at scale (and repeatable).

Results (After 2 weeks of non-commercial emails sent)

Not too bad, from the emails sent on 12th and 19th of March 2021.

The results seem promising, with the highest ever open rate and a decent click-through rate.

More Research Needed

I still think that this is the tip of the iceberg. What I need to do is to research on more DTC brands that are strong with their email marketing.

Here’s a few that I saw on Twitter.

Further bookmarked for more reading/research.