Brand Story: Writing Using AI/GPT 3

One of my top priorities is to improve on the eCommerce brand’s storytelling.

I have read many DTC growth guides, and most agree that having compelling storytelling is crucial in getting customers to remember about your brand (as opposed to your products).

But I am not really good at copywriting.

That’s where I chanced upon (

It’s an AI copywriter that writes copy using GPT 3.

The results? Mindblown.

Crafting “WHAT WE DO” Using AI

I used for this, as they had a “Company Bio” writing option.

I included in some USPs of what the eCommerce company has, and the inputs are…. Amazing.

I used multiple iterations and included in a few other company USPs. It’s a trial and error approach to get the copy that you are looking for.

The end result? This.

Our mission is to help you to create the perfect gift for a new baby. Gift a gift of embroidery and have it be a family keepsake that will last forever.

Having a baby is one of the most special moments in your life and we believe that every baby should be celebrated. We’re proud to provide people with beautifully embroidered keepsake gifts, that are sure to be cherished forever.

We want each gift to be an unforgettable experience, and we know you do too. Our gifts are made with love, care and attention.

Crafting “Our Promise” Using AI

I used for this, making use of “Content Improver” and “Sentence Improver“.

Same as above, I used multiple iteration to come up with 3 promises that we are currently making to our customers.

Embroidered baby gifts with love, care and attention.
We believe that every stitch should be made with precision and detail in order to make sure that every product we send out into this world will be treasured forever.

Impeccable customer service.
We’re going to do everything we can for your 100% satisfaction. We strive to make things right and perfect for you, no matter what it takes.

An unboxing experience like no other.
Rich colors and intricate design patterns adorn the luxurious box, a perfect gift for your loved one. The luxe packaging is inviting you to open it up with anticipation as each layer of wrapping paper falls away revealing more beautiful gifts inside.

My Thoughts?

At $99/month for unlimited text writing, it’s a no brainer. I am really impressed with what has done.

I am planning to scale this up to rewrite the brand story for our email assets too.