Agile Marketing (NTUC LearningHub X ICAgile) – Key Learnings

What Agile Marketing Is?

The importance of Agile is to really get insights with each small iterative cycle. This is the most important aspect of Agile, as we need insights in order to understand the “Build, Measure, Learn” cycle.

Activity #1: Social Contract

This is quite interesting. Basically, it asks all participants to lay out the ground rules in this course. As opposed to the trainer setting the ground rules. Gives a sense of ownership to the participants. This activity can be done via Google Jamboard.

Agile Marketing Methodology (Build, Measure, Learn)

Build, Measure, Learn

This is probably the most important thing that I learnt in the Agile Marketing course.

5 “P”s of Marketing






Customer’s Persona

Learnings of Day #1

AARRR Framework

AARRR framework is an acronym for a set of five user-behavior metrics to track:

  1. Acquisition. (How are people discovering our product or company?)
  2. Activation. (Are these people taking the actions we want them to?)
  3. Retention. (Are our activated users continuing to engage with the product?)
  4. Referral. (Do users like the product enough to tell others about it?)
  5. Revenue. (Are our personas willing to pay for this product?)